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New candidates are being sought for the open roles that are advertised on KBR Company’s career page. Prepare your resume or curriculum vitae for application if you’re someone who is looking for new employment. KBR enjoys a good reputation in the UAE. The fact that KBR employees like their jobs explains why the company is so well-liked by them. According to feedback, 91% of KBR staff members stated they would recommend the business to a friend.

List of Available Job Openings in KBR 

Senior Project Engineer (PMC) – Offshore (6/3 rotation) UAE
Senior Project Engineer (PMC) – Onshore site UAE
Senior Rotating Engineer (PMC) – Onshore site UAE
Senior Procurement Engineer – Offshore – Island UAE
Senior Electrical Engineer UAE
Senior Pipeline Engineer UAE
Roads Project Engineer UAE
Lead Mechanical Engineer – Rotating Equipment UAE
Project Engineer (Electrical) UAE

About Us 

KBR is a firm made up of visionaries, inventors, thinkers, creators, adventurers, and volunteers. But they all strive to make the world a better place in an ethical and secure manner. From our Texas headquarters in Houston to Earth’s orbit and beyond, KBR employees are advancing businesses and organizations together. Because of their natural curiosity about the world outside the organization, everyone is encouraged to pursue their inspiration, explore new ideas, and cooperate wherever practical. The outcome of this open-minded attitude guides all they do and do, and it has won them the respect of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

Work with us
They provide alluring compensation packages to a variety of global populations in order to entice and keep the best and brightest personnel for the future. The employee offering would not be complete without competitive pay and benefits. KBR is happy to provide a new, more comprehensive worldwide employee support programmed run by Workplace Options. On a variety of business and personal difficulties, you and your family can consult with experts and receive private, unbiased support.
How To Apply
  1. Go to the website and explore the page.
  2. Third, do some research on your job title.
  3. then choose the appropriate work role.
  4. Verify the information once again before pressing the “apply now” button.

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