“A rollercoaster of a game…” sighs Cooper on Forest’s exit from relegation

A fiery battle that mobbed Nottingham Forest from the bottom three with a score draw of 4-3 and left Southampton’s game burning on relegation hues at the City ground. “The most important thing was the win”, exclaimed Forest’s manager Cooper as his team relieves themselves from the relegation streak.

Pre-match report

As rains encroached on the City grounds sensing a storm ahead as the two teams were set to battle it out to overthrow the bottom host positions. The 19th-bottom host, Nottingham Forest was held at gunpoint to win the match and clear three points to leap over Leeds and Leicester to escape the relegation draw.

While Southampton were on the verge to clear the bottom three post and a loss meant an urge to channel an excruciating win to jump over 8 points to lead with their remaining three matches.


Match stats

Nottingham was overburdened to equalize with Everton and left no stone unturned as they barged into the game settling their score by smashing twice in the first half with Centre forward Taiwo Awoniyi.

Although the 11th-year League tier team Southampton raised eyebrows with penalty misses by Gibbs White but ace fielders Carlos Alcaraz and Lycanco edged to dodge hits elevating the score ground to 3-2.

The second half intimidated Southampton as Danilo charged with Awoniyi on-line to triumph Forest’s next goal. Southampton’s manager Ruben Selles summed up the game recalling it to be a painful defeat that perched Southampton’s relegation fears since their last in 2004-05.

Forest barely managed to flee the relegation zone as they came in close call with victory with their consistent delicate goals and mistakes, pinpoints Cooper as Forest’s relegation fears ceased to exist.

Forest carried a crucial win to reform their format with 15/16 clearing three points and are now looking forward to focusing on influencing their performance and results for their next rounds.