Latest Jobs and Careers in Maersk Company

For the open positions that have been listed on Maersk Company’s career page, new applicants are being recruited. Therefore, if you’re someone who is seeking new work, prepare your resume or curriculum vitae for application. In the UAE, Maersk has a solid reputation. The reason Maersk is so well-liked by its workforce is that they enjoy working there. Based on feedback, 91% of Maersk employees said they would suggest the company to a friend.

List of Available Job Openings in Maersk

Job TitleĀ  Location
Account Receivables Executive Bahrain
Account Receivables Executive Bahrain
Marketing & Communications Manager Bahrain
Work Flow Specialist – Customer Experience Egypt
Customer Success Partner Egypt
FinOps Associate Egypt
Quality Supervisor Jordan
IT Manager Jordan
HSSE & BR Supervisor Jordan
CX Execution Agent Kuwait
Senior CX Execution Agent Kuwait

About us

The largest operating unit of the Maersk Group, a Danish commercial conglomerate, Maersk Line, also known as Maersk SeaLand, is a Danish firm that specialises in worldwide container transportation. It was established in 1928 and today, with regular services to 374 ports in 116 nations, it is the largest container shipping firm in the world in terms of both fleet size and cargo capacity. In 2019, it employed 83,625 individuals, of which 18,398 were vessel crew and 65,227 worked in administrative and operational positions in ports and offices. With a total capacity of around 4.1 million TEU, Maersk Line operates about 708 vessels.

Working with Us

You can find out more about the company’s commitment to fostering a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, its culture of growth, and its wide array of top-notch perks here. Everyone at Maersk is encouraged to develop and do extraordinary things, whether through internal training programs, specializedĀ career routes, or the worldwide talent network. Learn more about how working with them can help you reach your full potential.

How To Apply
  1. Visit the website, then look around the page.
  2. Third, research your position title.
  3. then select the proper job role.
  4. Before clicking “apply now,” double-check the information.

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