September 27, 2023

Several sources have posted Paramedic jobs and EMT recruitment, including paramedical jobs in Middle Eastern countries worldwide for 2022-23. Start applying as soon as possible if you fulfill the credentials, are talented, and are innovative. If you are looking for work, you can use this website to find it. Please pay attention until the end so we can explain how to apply for paramedic jobs online. We will update you on any vacancies in Qatar, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and other countries when we analyze job postings from around the world. Learn more.

Paramedic jobs

Accepting calls and responding to emergency situations for prehospital care. Assessing the patient’s condition in order to provide emergency care while in transit. Systematic communication with the patient. Using medical equipment only when necessary. Creating accurate patient and incident reports.

Latest Job Vacancies

The latest Paramedic job list and details are given below. For example; EMT hospital jobs


PSS / Paramedic (PSS/PARA) | WPSIII

Location Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq On-site
Type Full-time · Entry level
Company Constellis



Paramedic, Emergency Room

Location Trabzon, Turkey On-site
Type Part-time · Entry level
Company Covenant Health



Guard / Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Location  Baghdad Governorate, Iraq On-site
Type Full-time · Entry level
Company GardaWorld Federal Services



Senior Instructor Emergence Health (Paramedics)

Location Al Zahiyah, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
Type Full-time · Mid-Senior level
Company Institute of Applied Technology

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How to Apply
  • By going to the provided Web address, you can start your search for paramedic jobs with the given job title.
  • Analyze the skills and qualifications required for the position in the following step.
  • Hence, Knowing it ahead of time will help you perform the interview more quickly and effectively.
  • When you’ve finished the application, click Apply. When you’ve finished the application, click Apply.
  • You must submit your resume in addition to updating it.

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